A Child’s Love-Healing Medicine

A Child’s Love I want to say, right up front, that as I re-read the original writing of this post, from  2013, the tears were flowing and I allowed myself to cry loud and long. Apparently, my grief from loss has not fully released…and that is just fine. I realize I am also crying over […]

Help in My Grief Journey

Over a week ago I wrote about my own grief and loss journey.  In that post I wrote that I had discovered I am dealing with and coping with cumulative grief.  This is an intense form of grief which occurs when a person has had multiple losses over a short period of time.  Due to […]

To my Father, about my father

By Michael C. McCormick    Suddenly, it comes upon me, I don’t know when or why; It’s just a feeling or a thought that brings a mournful sigh.   It hits me like the stomach flu or like an accident; And I don’t know if it comes from hell or if its heaven sent*.   […]

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