Best and Worst Things to Say to Someone in Grief

Hello Friends and Readers!  It’s good to be back on the website writing again.  Sorry for the delay in posting new posts recently – as many of you know I battle with chronic illness.  Some days I win the battle and some days it does.  And over the past week, I’m afraid it won more […]

Coping with Cumulative Grief and Multiple Losses

Two weeks ago I wrote about my own grief and loss journey.  In that post I wrote that I had been given a “revelation” that many of the emotions I had been feeling while posting about grief and loss were actually a form of intense grief and loss which had been repressed or unresolved.  This […]

Cry Easily, Like a Little Child-Guest Blog

Cry easily, like a little child In 2013, after my husband passed away, I stayed for several weeks in my daughter’s home. My granddaughter, Miranda spent a great deal of time with me and was such healing medicine. She loves to sing and I would videotape her ‘performances’. One day, I was lying in bed, […]

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