‘Tis the Season

The holiday season is now upon us and Christmas is about three weeks away; Hanukkah also is coming up.  And I have been feeling the need to re-visit a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago. My reason for this is that I’ve been noticing friends on Facebook are sharing with more frequency various […]

The Decline

Today I feel it is important to discuss a factor in patient care which not only obviously affects the patient, but affects the caregiver as well. This factor is the changing health of the patient — either physically, mentally, or emotionally, or any combination of these.  There are times when a patient’s health may change […]

That First Year

My first post on this site told of a Day of “Firsts” – it was my first day to post on the first website I’ve ever owned and operated.  I felt excitement and nervousness, and was looking forward to new challenges. But my thoughts today are on another group of “firsts” — not at all […]

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