Seasonal Support Offer

The holiday season is typically a joyous time of year, filled with seasonal decorations, family gatherings, and much merriment. But for those overwhelmed by caregiving, or experiencing grief and loss of a loved one, the season can be filled with sadness or depression, anxiety, loneliness and very little joy. Five years ago, my father passed […]

Much Happening with Weather Your Storm and Kathy

Hello to my friends here at Weather Your Storm! — and Welcome to all who may be here for the first time! I’d like to fill you all in on what’s happening behind the scenes for this website.  First, I must say I have missed being here on the site to write the posts;  and […]

Traits of People Trying to Help Someone in Grief

Hello Friends and Readers!    Allow me to begin this writing with an apology for the delay in posting this follow-up to my last post – I’ve been “weathering my own storm” of illness for more than a week now.  But I do pray to be back on track with regular posts as soon as possible. […]

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