A Caregiver is an Advocate

The beauty of an ongoing series of posts on this website is that if I omit an important piece in the previous post, I can write about it the following day. Such is what I did in leaving out an important quality of an awesome caregiver; that being the caregiver is an Advocate for the […]

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Qualities of an Awesome Caregiver

Having been a professional caregiver for 35 years, I found myself thinking on what it is about me or any caregiver that makes us great caregivers. In all my years of work in this field I’ve met the great ones and I’ve met the ones who were definitely in the wrong profession. Each of the […]

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Welcome to Day One!

Today is a day of “Firsts” for me. It is the First day of the “30 Days of Content” Challenge — to write and publish a blog post every day for 30 days. This is the First website I have ever owned and operated. Brand new! And I am learning in a straight up curve […]

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