Welcome to Day One!

Today is a day of “Firsts” for me.

It is the First day of the “30 Days of Content” Challenge — to write and publish a blog post every day for 30 days.

This is the First website I have ever owned and operated. Brand new! And I am learning in a straight up curve – no curve at all really, just straight up.
It’s all new material for me. New jargon, new rules and regulations, registering here, there and everywhere it seems.
So many questions and searching for all the answers.
“What’s a widget?” (sounds like something in a Star Wars movie)
“What’s a plug-in?” (not an electrical outlet; I’ve learned that much)
And the questions are endless right now.

Today I am writing my First blog post ever! I feel excited and nervous. And yes, I’m thinking maybe half-crazy to even attempt this challenge.
But I owe a heart-felt thank you to Bradley Will and Clarke Hosp, for without their help and kindness I would not be here right now posting my very First blog post.

For all the seasoned bloggers and website owners, I’m pretty sure it is perfectly obvious that this is a First for me.
But I challenge you now to take a trip down Memory Lane, remembering the time you wrote and published your First blog post on your First website.
And I hope that memory brings a smile to you today!


  1. Kinny Hunt says:

    Been here Kathy…excited for you!

  2. luck of the Angels to you sister

  3. A big heart ❤️

  4. Wonderful… good for you Kathy!

  5. Spent 3 years as a caregiver to my wife recently, It was my pleasure to offer care but glad she has survived my short comings…ha. We are now offering assistance long distance to her parents. I am anxious to here your bits of wisdom!

    • Kathleen McCormick says:

      Thank you Robin. I hope I can be of some help! I will be posting daily — have been saving some of the topics until I have a few more readers. I just got the site up a week ago, but have wonderful plans for it! Keep checking back — and if you have any questions, just leave them in the comments box. I’m in the process of setting up my mail-service now.

  6. Still stopping by. Have a wonderful day!

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