Each of my clients/patients has richly blessed my life in their own unique way throughout my 35 years of caregiving.  Each person’s life was filled with experiences and stories of their journey.  Wonderful treasures! Today I will share a wonderful act of generosity which greatly blessed me, and the story of the man behind that. […]

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The Reluctant Patient

Thinking back over my 35 years as a professional caregiver, I’d probably be realistic in estimating that a good 50% of my patients/clients were not overly excited about having someone come in to help in the house, or take over the driving, or assist in their health care.  Often I was brought in by a […]

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A Caregiver is an Advocate

The beauty of an ongoing series of posts on this website is that if I omit an important piece in the previous post, I can write about it the following day. Such is what I did in leaving out an important quality of an awesome caregiver; that being the caregiver is an Advocate for the […]

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