What’s Up on Weather Your Storm?

Hello to my friends and readers!

I just wanted to keep you advised on what’s happening here on the website for the next couple of days, beginning tonight.

I will be doing some re-posts on the Weather Your Storm page on Facebook and also on my own profile page on Facebook.

Because this website is for You, I am listening and paying attention to what some of you need at this time.  And it seems that we need to re-visit some posts on Self-Care.  I’ll apologize to those of you who have previously read these posts; however there are many readers who did not join us in the early days of the website, so they missed the earlier posts.  And, in my opinion, some little reminders on self-care may benefit all of us.

I may also be doing some new posts on dementia, although I do have a series of posts planned regarding dementia and Alzheimer’s.  But I may do a couple of brief posts for some readers who are caring for dementia patients currently and need the information now.

Thank for you understanding and support!  Truly, you all keep me going!!

Please write to me at any time if you have a pressing need, and I will try to base my writing on what you (the readers) need currently.

God bless you!



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