Weather Your Storm is for any person walking through a difficult trial or storm, but it will greatly help family caregivers and professional caregivers. The stories and advice you find here will encourage, inspire, and provide support and assistance to caregivers and others facing various trials in life.

The writings posted here will tell of my personal journey as a caregiver for 35 years.

The writings will include ideas and experiences of my own as well as other caregivers, providing support through all stages of caregiving, including loss and grief.
Within the resources area you will find writing from guest writers, links to helpful resources, and possible referrals to various helpful agencies. Ultimately Weather Your Storm is here to walk with you through your journey as a caregiver, and to make this a safe place to come for support.

8734_103653346311442_4882414_nKathleen McCormick

As a professional caregiver for 35 years, and Director of Social Services in a skilled nursing facility for 4 years, I have gained vast knowledge and experience in the area of caregiving.

I have also walked through my own trials and storms in life which I will share with you in my writings as the need presents itself.
I have my B.A. in Psychology, as well as two years of Master’s degree study in Telecommunications.
I am a caring, compassionate woman whose desire is to offer support and assistance for individuals and family members who are caregivers.

Disclaimer:  I am not as licensed psychotherapist, a registered nurse, nor a medical doctor. Please always consult a professional in these areas for a treatment plan that is best suited for yourself or your family member or client. The topics discussed here, and the support I would like to offer, are based upon my own experience and knowledge.